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Income Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is a year-round process.

Effective tax planning is a year-round process and requires initiating the plan at the business level to assure that the maximum tax benefits occur at the individual level. Tax law is more complicated than ever and can be costly in lost tax benefits and tax credits if transactions are not completed timely and appropriately.

The tax specialists at Jones & Company provide income tax planning services to individuals and businesses, and work closely with you to develop tax strategies and solutions aimed at minimizing your tax liability. We continually monitor federal and state tax law to ensure we remain current on all matters that potentially affect your tax obligations, and work to identify tax advantages and financial plans that align accordingly.

Personal Income Taxes

Individuals can more effectively manage their wealth when they understand the tax implications of financing an education, investing their money, or planning for retirement. We bring to light all potential deductions and credits. The Qualified Business Income deduction, that became available in 2018, is a significant deduction that we focus on to maximize the benefit to the client.

Trust and Estate Tax Planning

In addition to our income tax planning services, we provide all-encompassing trust and estate planning services that safeguard your legacy and ensure you accumulate, conserve, and distribute your personal wealth in a way that maintains and maximizes the financial security of your beneficiaries.

Business Tax Strategy

Business owners understand the critical importance of tax planning. Virtually every decision a business owner makes comes with tax implications. The Jones and Company professionals take into account not only the current year’s tax strategies, but also long-term considerations in terms of projecting income and deciding the most advantageous strategy, whether it is to defer income to the next year and accelerate deductions in the current year, or vice versa. We also examine depreciation of your business assets and advise on related tax breaks and strategies. Our informed recommendations are all designed to minimize your tax liability, enhance profitability, and, ultimately, give you a competitive edge.

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